Daniel Finestrat
Game Developer

Games I've Worked On

RPS Runner

Infinite Runner for Android devices. Get rocks, avoid scissors!

Lucky Rider

Simple arcade shoot 'em up for Android devices.

RPS Runner Turbo

Sequel to RPS Runner. New power ups, new skins!

40" Space Shoot 'Em Up

Simple space shoot 'em up made in a single afternoon using Unity.

Playing God

Tapper-like arcade. Winner of the Best Gameplay award at the 7th UA Game Jam.

King Of The Jungle 2K17

Free for all action shooter with 4 players couch multiplayer.

FA Animals' Scale

Fun Academy's eLearning game. Learn about animal facts on your Android or iOS.

FA Patterns

Fun Academy's eLearning game. Learn about patterns on your Android or iOS.

Proton Smoke

Shoot 'em Up for amstrad CPC 464. Playable on real hardware.

Wizards And Warlocks

Team-Based FPS. Online multiplayer & tons of different spells!

Other Stuff

Travelers Ocular Engine

Open Source 3D engine. Room Optimization & Real-Time Shadows.

Environmental Storytelling Guide

University thesis. In depth guide. Definition, How-To, Examples. Half-Life 2 Analysis

Demo Reel

Demo Reel of my published game projects.

Demo Reel